Distraction Of/For The Mind.

For anyone our there with depression or anxiety; this is for you. As most of my posts will be. There will be things that prolong our illness or make it harder to deal with. That’s okay. It happens and there are ways to avoid it. Not all the time, however the majority of the time we can get a slight grip on it. If you can’t then this will be a great way to develop with depression. Especially if you can’t fight it.

Yes, that’s correct. The more you are alone the easier it is to fall into the black, foggy pit I like to call “the crap zone” 

It’s almost too easy to sit on the sofa or on your bed at night -when everyone’s asleep- thinking of all the bad going on. It starts the spiral. You feel the contractions in your chest tightening every time your head hurts or you can’t breath properly and if you add on crying we are already in the danger zone. I.e. the suicide zone. Where you don’t want to live anymore or function. If you believe others would be better off. For whichever reason it happens. We all enter the danger zone at some point. 

To avoid lapses in control I always found reading helps me immensely. You can’t be unfocused when your reading. Your emerged into a new world. Most importantly your brain doesn’t have time to think. Reading has saved my life many times before. It is easy to do from bed if I couldn’t move or didn’t want to. Its inexpensive and well it’s always good to stimulate the brain. I understand reading isn’t for everyone but anything your good at with minimal effort will “take your mind off it” not completely of course, but enough.
These work for me. I find myself doing these things several times a day. If you know other ways to keep your mind busy. I’d love to hear them. I hope to help people relate with my posts and perhaps help people.
Thank you 

Miss Louise 
(severe depression/anxiety/suicide attempts)



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